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Muska T-Shirt

Muska T-Shirt

Discover our "Muska" t-shirt, a modern take on the age-old Anatolian symbol for protection against evil. This design fuses the triangular muska and eye-shaped nazar, creating a visually striking yet meaningful emblem deeply rooted in Turkish culture. Each "Muska" t-shirt isn't merely clothing—it's a wearable symbol of resistance against misfortune and a tribute to cultural heritage. With each wear, you embrace a piece of Anatolian tradition, reshaped for the contemporary world. Experience the fusion of protection and fashion. Adorn the "Muska" and cherish the blend of cultural symbolism and modern design.

  • 100% organic cotton t-shirt for eco-friendly comfort
  • Built to last with a heavyweight design, 220 GSM
  • Ethically produced in India, certified by Fear Wear
  • Embroidery made in the Netherlands for a distinctive touch

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