About Anatolisse

Anatolisse is an innovative clothing brand, rooted in the rich traditions of Anatolia, and headquartered in the bustling heart of Amsterdam. Our mission is to infuse the vibrant, timeless motifs of Anatolia into contemporary apparel, creating a unique blend of history and style.

Our creations – Elibelinde (Hands-on-hips), Koc Boynuzu (Ram’s Horn), Hayat Agaci (Tree of Life), and Muska – are more than just patterns on fabric. They are the embodiment of narratives, carrying the whispers of the Anatolian past into the present, and introducing them to the modern fashion scene.

Each piece is a dialogue between the deep traditions of Anatolia and the avant-garde aesthetics of contemporary European design. While staying true to the authenticity of these symbols, we reimagine them to appeal to the global, fashion-forward audience.

Anatolisse is not just a clothing brand; we are a cultural gateway, connecting the historical richness of Anatolia with the dynamic spirit of Amsterdam. When you wear Anatolisse, you're not just wearing a t-shirt; you're wearing a piece of history, a symbol of heritage, a nod to the universe, and a shield against the unknown, all wrapped in a stylish piece of apparel.

Join us on this journey as we intertwine stories of the past into the fabric of the present, redefining the landscape of modern fashion. Experience Anatolisse – where tradition meets innovation, and history meets style.